It was something about the presence of fears that increased the dreamer’s focus… When speaking of the future all the ‘if I’ statements became ‘when I’… And each time the dreamer was doubted it only increased the determination… See, failure forced the dreamer to have a priceless bond with patience. It taught the dreamer to be productive, even while waiting… To be disciplined, even after disappointment… To be optimistic, especially in the face of opposition… The dreamer understood three things:
1. We are never cheated out of the opportunities we are truly supposed to have.
2. Success that can’t be shared is impossible to sustain. We grow from what we give.
3. You don’t need everybody to get it in order to be great at it. They’ll only understand where you want to go if you don’t quit while trying to get there.
The dreamer lived by these, and because of it, the dreamer became unstoppable. ”

– Rob Hill Sr


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