This week marks the beginning of Lent season. For those of you who don’t know, during Lent Christians give up their favorite things (mainly food items) for 40 days as a symbol of sacrifice and repentance in preparation for the feast of Easter.

Each year I choose to give up sweets, soda and fast food and I can’t tell you how tempting it is to cheat especially when I come home and find that my mother has just gone grocery shopping and stocked the pantry with savory snacks. What’s worse is that my university is surrounded by fast food joints so I’ll have limited lunch choices over the next few weeks. On the upside, I like to think of it as a detox since I should be eating healthier plus I will gain much strength from making it through the period without succumbing to temptation. The only exception I’m going to make is on my birthday since it happens to fall during this time and I mean who doesn’t want birthday cake on their birthday? Definitely not me.


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