Tourist At Home

I live in such a small yet beautiful country. Just when I thought I’d seen it all, yesterday was proof of how little I’d actually seen.

I went on a hiking trip with my geology class from university; we stopped at 10 locations and I hadn’t been to any of them. What was supposed to be an educational excursion turned into me discovering a whole new side of my homeland. I was a tourist in my own backyard.

Baloo' Bal'aa, Lebanon

Tannourine, Lebanon

Our last stop brought us to this gorgeous hidden waterfall within a cave. These pictures don’t do it justice but I tried my best to capture its beauty. If you’re ever in Lebanon and in the Tannourine area, I highly recommend you go see it as it’s truly breathtaking.


Tannourine, Lebanon

We talk about travel all the time but sometimes the most beautiful treasures are not as far as we might think!


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