Top 5 Travel Essentials

Since I’m off to London in a few days, here are 5 items I’ll have on me over there which I believe are a must have for every traveler:

1. Map: This is one of the first things I purchase upon my arrival to a new city. Although public transport is a quick and easy option, I sometimes prefer getting around on my own two feet and it’s always helpful having one of these.

2. Passport Photocopy: I’m not one to carry my actual passport around because it’d be a nightmare if it were to get lost. However it’s important to carry some form of identification while abroad therefore I keep a scanned photocopy handy instead.

3. Smartphone: Not only for taking pictures but also keeping in touch with family and friends back home. Prepaid sim cards are cheap and easy to find otherwise keep an eye out for free Wi-Fi connection at cafe’s, restaurants, and hotels. It’s also wise to have a language translator application on your phone in order to better communicate with the locals, as well as a currency converter application to check whether you’re getting ripped off.

4. Emergency Kit: Whether abroad or at home, I always keep one of these in my purse. Just a small zip bag filled with items such as Band-Aids, tissues, Panadol pills, and hand gel to name a few.

5. Water Bottle: It’s crucial to look out for your health when abroad. Since I’ll be out & about in the sun all day I’ll constantly be drinking water to stay hydrated in order to avoid any nausea or headaches throughout my trip.


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