Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! May this coming year be your best one yet 🙂

Although I believe resolutions can be made every day, the start of a new year is a good reminder to turn a new page and make some improvements in your life. This year, I plan to:

Maintain an exercise routine: I’ve been the same weight for years now. As much as I eat I’m lucky enough not to put on any weight. Still, that’s not an excuse to refrain from keeping fit and exercising. I’m not a very big fan of the gym, I do however like doing sport so I’m planning to start swimming laps at my local country club twice a week and play squash with my sister once a week.

Do more volunteer work: Those who have been following my blog from the start know how much joy helping others brings me and I’m not planning on stopping this year. In fact, I’m looking to increase my volunteer hours now that I’ve finished college and have got some more free time on my hands.

Go on a graduation trip with friends: Although I’ve just completed my Bachelor’s degree, the graduation ceremony isn’t until May. Hence,  my friends and I decided to postpone our graduation trip until then and are planning to visit the Greek Islands. I’m really looking forward to it as it’s probably the last time we’ll all be together for a while since some of us are going abroad to do Masters or to find better job opportunities. It’s going to be extra special.

Find a job that I love: Now that I’ve finished college I have to start applying for a full-time job. I’m keeping my options wide open and not planning to settle for something I know I won’t enjoy just for the sake of having a job. I don’t mind doing internships in the meantime until I find something I really love.

Learn to say “no”: I’m a huge people pleaser, constantly putting others before myself and often taking on more than I can handle so as not to disappoint anyone. It’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes and focus on your own well-being and I have to remind myself of that every once in a while.

What are your 2015 resolutions?


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