Instagram is such a great platform for documenting travel moments. I follow many travel bloggers/photographers on Instagram and I thoroughly  enjoy scrolling through my feed each day and seeing the world through their lens. Not all of us are lucky enough to travel the world for a living, but these accounts sure do it right and constantly motivate me to work hard and save up in order to visit these places myself:













Who are your favorite travel bloggers/photographers on Instagram? I’d love to know. Shout out to Arielle for inspiring this post 🙂 check out her lovely blog!


Let’s Talk Fashion

In every group of girl friends lies a fashionista. In other words, the person whose wardrobe everybody envies, the person who’d earn a gold medal if shopping were a sport, and the person who approves your first date outfits.

As I reflect on my own group of friends one person stands out in this aspect, and it’s not a coincidence that her name is Diva. She recently created an Instagram page (@looksbydiva) where she regularly posts outfits she’s assembled as well as fashion trends she loves, all for good fun. If you’re on Instagram and in need of some everyday outfit inspiration, or simply enjoy keeping up with the latest trends then give her a follow, I promise you won’t be disappointed 🙂

The page caters to all tastes and outfits range from classy to casual. Below are some of my favourite looks, what do you think?





12 Ways To Do Good Today

photoI’m all for paying it forward. There’s no better feeling than knowing you made a difference in the world whether it be big or small. I drive past this piece of graffiti in Beirut almost every day and it inspired me to write this post in the hope that you will be encouraged, like I was, to go out there and do some good each day. These may seem like cliché and minor gestures but if each person did at least one of these things it could have an even greater impact.

1. Lend a hand to a stranger: Prove that there are kind people left in the world. Help someone carry their groceries, slow down the car to allow a pedestrian to cross the road, provide directions to a lost tourist, give your seat away on a crowded bus/train… The list is endless.

2. Donate blood: There will always be someone battling for their life and in need of blood. Go to your nearest hospital and donate. The best part? It doesn’t cost a thing.

3. Mail a handwritten card: Have a friend or family member living abroad? Forget social media and send a traditional handwritten card reminding them of how much you love and miss them. If you’re the one that’s abroad, how about send a postcard from your destination? I’m positive it’ll make them smile.

4. Plant a tree: Is your backyard looking a little dull? Why not make the world greener and plant some flowers or shrubs? Better yet, a tree. Find your local nursery and get creative.

5. Leave a large tip: Waiters and bartenders tend to get low wages and generally have to rely on tips for a living. Next time you’re out for lunch, dinner or drinks and are satisfied with the service, leave an abnormally large tip and make someone’s day.

6. Pay your parents/grandparents a visit: Sometimes the most important people in our lives, the ones who gave us life and raised us, go unappreciated. Take some time out of your day to check up on them and show you’re thinking of them. If they live far away, give them a phone call.

7. Sign up as a volunteer: Find a local NGO you’re passionate about and join the team. For example, I’m currently volunteering once a week at the Saint Jude’s Children’s Cancer Center. If your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to volunteer, many NGO’s have monthly donation programs.

8. Take a younger sibling out: There comes a point where younger siblings can often feel neglected once the older sibling reaches a certain age and prefers hanging out with friends instead. But always remember that family comes first so plan a day out with your younger sibling. Take them to the zoo, go to the cinema, rent some bikes and go for a bike ride. If you’re the youngest sibling, you can do this with a younger cousin.

9. Recycle: There are countless recycle bins around the city, make use of them and contribute to saving the environment in the process.

10. Adopt a pet: If you’re an animal lover, consider adopting a pet instead of buying one. You’ll be saving a life and providing a loving home to an animal in need of it.

11. Give away old books/toys: Remember those childhood books dusting away on the bookshelf? Pack them up and take them to your local library, primary school, or orphanage where the next generation of kids can fall in love with them like you did. Do the same with old toys.

12. Give a homeless person a gift card: Whether it be for a clothing store, supermarket, or coffee shop, it could make a huge difference in someone’s life who would otherwise never have dreamed of walking into these places.

Be The Change

The President of Coca Cola International visited my university a few days ago to give a lecture on global leadership. It was truly inspiring so I thought I’d share some of the points he made:

“If the work that you do does not create value somewhere, for someone, don’t expect to get any value back.”

“Every time you have a business relationship with someone, that person should think two things about you: that you really are competent and that you can be trusted.”

“You have to start training yourself to think globally. Develop a curiosity for what’s going on around the world, and you have to experience the world.”

“The world is in dire need of leaders, and humanity has high hopes that you will make a difference.”

Bucket List

I think it’s so important to give your life a sense of purpose and direction. I’ve had a bucket list for years and each year it continues to grow or ultimately shrink once i’ve completed something. Last year I had the pleasure of checking off 3 things on my list: travel with friends, secure my first paid job, and climb the Sydney harbour bridge.

I’d like to share with you some of the items that are yet to be checked off. Maybe you’ll be inspired to make a list of your own.

Visit the Great Barrier Reef: I’ve always dreamt about visiting this place. I’ve seen countless pictures but cannot imagine what it would be like up close. Although I don’t live in Australia anymore I visit often so it wouldn’t be too hard for me to check this off my list.

Learn a New Language: I’m always up for learning something new and I like to be challenged. I’m currently taking private French language lessons twice a week but as a native English speaker it is very difficult to learn. I won’t give up though as I’m looking to be fluent one day.

Go Camping: Yes, you read correctly. I want to take a weekend off and go somewhere remote with a bunch of friends (preferably by a lake) and just enjoy each other’s company without the loud noises and stress of city life. Tent and campfire included, I want the true camping experience.

Complete the CFA Program: Life is not all rainbows and butterflies, which is why I have set some academic and professional goals for myself. I’m currently a senior at university studying Finance. I’m hoping to enter the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) program after graduation and pass all three level exams in which I will earn one of the highest credentials in the finance field.

Meet Someone Famous: As cliché and impossible as this sounds, I’d really like to meet one of my idols. The only somewhat famous person I’ve met was Tania Zygar, an EDM vocalist who is most famous for her track ‘Vanilla’ with DJ Tydi. She asked a friend and I if we wanted to hang out after her show and we ended up spending the whole weekend with her. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in 2 Cities: Growing up in Australia I was among the first people in the world to ring in the New Year each year. Funnily enough, last year while on vacation in Mexico I was among the last people to do so. How cool would it be if I could celebrate NYE in 2 cities? I’m not sure if it’s physically possible but I think with good planning I could somehow manage to pull it off.

Own a Boat: Being a Pisces, it is no surprise that I love to be in or near the sea. Every time I’m on a boat I can’t help but wish I had one. I’m the type of girl who would rather take a boat out for the day than go shopping.


It was something about the presence of fears that increased the dreamer’s focus… When speaking of the future all the ‘if I’ statements became ‘when I’… And each time the dreamer was doubted it only increased the determination… See, failure forced the dreamer to have a priceless bond with patience. It taught the dreamer to be productive, even while waiting… To be disciplined, even after disappointment… To be optimistic, especially in the face of opposition… The dreamer understood three things:
1. We are never cheated out of the opportunities we are truly supposed to have.
2. Success that can’t be shared is impossible to sustain. We grow from what we give.
3. You don’t need everybody to get it in order to be great at it. They’ll only understand where you want to go if you don’t quit while trying to get there.
The dreamer lived by these, and because of it, the dreamer became unstoppable. ”

– Rob Hill Sr