My Love Affair With Byblos

There are certain places that, no matter how many times you visit, never seize to amaze you. Byblos is one of those places for me. It was certainly love at first sight for me and Byblos and every time I go there I fall in love all over again. I call it my happy place, my sanctuary. There’s something about it, a sort of magical aura that’s sure to leave a mark on you, which isn’t surprising considering it’s the second oldest continuously inhabited city in the world (Telegraph).

Located 40km north of the Lebanese capital, this picturesque Mediterranean port town is the perfect combination of history and modernity. Whether you’re looking for a getaway from the city or a simple break from reality, Byblos is for you. Go for a ride on one of the fisherman boats nestled along the harbor. Take a stroll throught the ancient cobblestone souks adorned with beautiful souvenir shops. Discover the Roman ruins and Crusador citadel. Have a meal at one of the charming restaurants. And if at the end of the day you’re still buzzing, stick around till it gets dark and watch the pubs come to life.

Old Souk

Old souk – Image via Lebanon Guide

The port

The port – Image via Friends Choices


eCafe – Image via Edde Yard

Crusader Citadel

Crusader Citadel – Image via Wiki GOGO

Young or old, Byblos has something for everyone. I’m so lucky to have this gem in my country and be able to go whenever I want. It’s definitely a must-see for anyone visiting Lebanon.

Do you have a happy place? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear about it.


Where is the Love?

Who remembers when the Black Eyed Peas’ hit song “Where is the love?” came out? It was the year 2003 and sadly more than 10 years later the lyrics are still relevant. With everything going on in the world today I cringe every time I hear this song because it’s a reminder of how little humanity has progressed. Why does war still exist? How is it still okay that innocent lives are taken each day in the name of power and greed? It breaks my heart to think about what future generations will be studying in their history books, pretty much the same scenarios we studied only with different victims. I can only hope that in my lifetime the world will see peace.

Roses Are Red

It’s that time of the year again. Now before all you singles start rolling your eyes, let it be known that I’m in the same boat and have been for a while hence I do not have a date tomorrow. Usually the thought of that would bother me but I came across a quote the other day that read: “So many people to love in your life, why worry about one?”

I came to look at Valentine’s Day in a different light. So what if I wasn’t in a relationship? Why not spread love to ALL the people I love?

I urge all those who think Valentine’s Day is stupid to reconsider. And to those who think that a person should be loving every day and not just on Valentine’s day, I agree. But there is an entire day on the calendar dedicated to love so why not remind your loved ones how much you love them at least once a year? A little text message or bouquet of flowers won’t hurt.

As for the people who are happily in a relationship, don’t stress so much on having the perfect day. Sometimes having really high expectations leads to disappointment. Spending time with that special someone is what matters in the end. Fancy dinners and expensive chocolates are just as good as a picnic and handmade card in my opinion.

Happy Valentine’s Day peeps xx